HealthPathways is a website that provides guidance to clinicians on managing over 500 clinical conditions. The pathways contain medical guidance on the assessment and management of clinical conditions, and administrative information on access to diagnostics, specialist opinion, specialist treatment services, and other supports.

HealthPathways has been developed in a partnership between Streamliners and Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB). The intellectual property in the content of the pathways belongs to CDHB, and the intellectual property in the systems for creating, deploying, and managing the pathways belongs to Streamliners.

The core medical guidance within HealthPathways is generically applicable across all regions of New Zealand and Australia, however access to services, and particular ways of delivering the medical services, varies from region to region.

In recent years Streamliners has, with the support of CDHB, helped other regions in New Zealand and Australia to adopt the HealthPathways model. This has involved working with each region to help them learn and apply the methodologies for clinical review and localisation of the pathways initially developed for Canterbury.

As at January 2015, twenty three health organisations with responsibility for fifteen million patients have adopted the HealthPathways model.

As the number of organisations using HealthPathways grows, the team at Streamliners is building the infrastructure for an Australasian HealthPathways Community. The community's members share knowledge, resources, lessons, and pathways, and are developing a critical mass of experts able to help existing and new members to maximise the benefits of the HealthPathways model.

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