Meet the Team

We are proud of our talented team, which includes the following members.

Ian Anderson

Chief Executive

Ian co-founded Streamliners with Emma Harding in 2000 to provide content development and web publishing services to a range of different industries, and with a strong focus on the health sector. Ian’s previous background included fifteen years in senior corporate planning roles in the health, housing, electricity, and banking sectors. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Canterbury University. 

In 2007 Streamliners partnered with Canterbury District Health Board to develop HealthPathways which has since developed into the internationally successful HealthPathways Community. Ian is also a director of SchoolDocs Ltd and GPDocs Ltd. Ian considers himself lucky to be supporting industries that aim to improve the health and well-being of large populations, and to be working with people who are passionate about what they do

DDI: +64 3 977 8630 Email:


Emma Harding

Writing Team Manager

Emma has been a technical communicator since 1989, and she has written plain English policies and procedures in industry sectors such as health, manufacturing, retail sales, technology, banking, and software. She fell in love with single-sourcing as soon as she heard of it at a TechCommNZ conference in 2000, and has been using and teaching this methodology ever since.

Emma is a past President and current Christchurch Branch Coordinator of the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand (TechCommNZ). She is also working behind the scenes to have the Graduate Diploma in Information Design (Ara Institute) reinstated. She has a BA (Hons) from the University of Canterbury where she majored in English. In those days you couldn't fill your honours course with linguistics papers so she had to top it up with Anglo-Saxon and bawdy Chaucerian verse.

DDI: +64 3 977 8631 Email: LinkedIn: emmahardingatstreamlinersnz


Cameille Ambler

Junior Content Developer / Writer

Cameille studied Psychology and Philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington. She spent three years cleaning up after students at a uni hostel (such fun!) and has since just done temp and promo work.

Cameille has always had a passion for the English language and she loves editing.

DDI: +64 3 595 5407 Email:


Claudia Anderson

Junior Content Developer / Writer

Claudia joined Streamliners in October 2017 and is just about to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. She has previously worked at Streamliners as a teenager, doing some Author-it clean-up work.

She loves drawing, writing, playing video games, going to the movies, and escaping puzzle rooms. Claudia is also way too keen on geopolitics, Pokemon, and weird trivia about animals.

Her brother George also works at Streamliners as a Tech Support Specialist.

DDI: +64 3 595 5722 Email:


Glenys Amyes

Administration Manager

Glenys started with Streamliners in October 2014, to assist with day-to-day running of the company. With her strong office administration skills, she proved her huge value to the team within a week of arrival, and continues to keep the wheels smoothly in motion.

Glenys comes from a background in banking, foreign currency exchange, office management, and contracts administration.

DDI: +64 3 928 1941 Email:


Sam Averis

Content Developer /Writer

Sam worked in software support and local government before joining Streamliners in 2018.

He lives with his wife and 2 daughters, and his interests include cooking, gaming, and writing fiction.

DDI: +64 3 595 1422 Email:


Andrew Baker

Senior Learning Developer

DDI: +64 3 595 1316 Email:




Dave Brown

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Dave joined the HealthPathways team in November 2015. His past experience includes teaching English in Myanmar, technical writing for Tait Electronics, and producing marketing material for Homersham Ltd.

His interests outside of work include photography and tropical fish, and he would like to pursue an interest in aquaponics and permaculture.

DDI: +64 3 974 1753 Email:


Pam Buffery

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Pam joined HealthPathways in June 2016 after 20 years experience in clinical pharmacy and medicines information. She has an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy and postgraduate degrees in Clinical Pharmacy and Medical Informatics.

Pam moved to New Zealand from the UK about 12 years ago and is here to stay. She is an avid knitter (including stress zombies) and spinner, enjoys painting in oils, reading, drinking very good tea and coffee, watching sci-fi movies and hanging out with her photographer hubby and the cat.

Ext: 274



Jamie Campbell

Content Developer / Writer

Jamie joined the HealthPathways writing team in August 2016. He brings along 14 years of experience developing curriculum resources for secondary and tertiary education in New Zealand and Australia. For over two years Jamie also participated in the Christchurch rebuild, project managing residential earthquake repairs and writing health and safety documentation. To add to his diverse portfolio of qualifications in technical communication, graphic design, adult teaching and carpentry, Jamie is currently studying part-time towards an IT degree. When not playing around with techy things, he particularly enjoys traveling, cooking/baking, sea kayaking and weight training.

Ext: 279



Bryan Carter

Content Developer / Writer

Bryan started his working life as a mountain guide at Aoraki Mount Cook, going on to manage and then co-own Alpine Guides. His wife, Bu, was principal of the small local school there. With aging parents, Bryan and Bu moved to Christchurch in 2012 to maintain contact.

With a conspicuous lack of mountain guiding jobs in Christchurch, Bryan initially worked with Fulton Hogan revising HSE documentation, then with Syft Technologies as Finance/Office Manager before taking time out to publish a book.

DDI: +64 3 974 1589 Email:


Paola Castaneda

HealthPathways Content Developer / Writer

Paola has a background in Health Psychology and Personal Training. She has a special interest in the connection between mind and body. In her spare time, Paola loves binge watching TV shows and going on food dates.

DDI: +64 3 5955720 Email:



Fran Cook

Content Developer / Writer

Francesca inhaled a University of Canterbury BA in Linguistics, French and Latin, washed it down with a Masters in Translation at UNSW, and polished off a Certificate in Professional Editing during a mid-semester break. She then secured a translation internship at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which formed a gateway to ten years of exciting work and city-trips across Europe.

Following the arrival of two gorgeous sons in Amsterdam, she abruptly informed husband Carl that it was time to go home—where there are grandparent babysitters.

She joined the Corporate Docs team at Streamliners in May 2018, and firmly feels she has found her tribe.

DDI: +64 3 595 1421 Email:


Theo Dainis

Content Developer / Writer

Content Developer Theo Dainis spent several years teaching English in Australia and South Korea before joining Streamliners in April 2017. He has an MA in applied linguistics (Macquarie University), a BA in Chinese and linguistics (University of Canterbury), and a GradDip in TESOL (University of Technology Sydney). In a previous life, he worked on Mid Canterbury sheep farms and a West Australian iron ore mine. When not at work he enjoys hanging out with his wife and young son, mountain biking, sitting quietly, and building synthesisers.

Ext: 203 Email:


Tom Doudney

Content Developer / Writer

Tom has been working in journalism for the last seven years for a company originally called Mainland Press which morphed into Star Media by the time he finished. If you’ve read The Star, Selwyn Times, or in the last few years, you may have seen some of his work.

Outside of work, he likes to stay active by playing touch rugby and going for lots of walks. He enjoys reading about anthropology, history, and current events, as well as social and environmental issues, and has had a long-standing interest in permaculture which he would like to pursue more seriously one day.

Ext: 290 Email:


Sarah Dreyer

Content Developer / Writer

Sarah left the freelancing life in September 2015 to join the Subscription Products team, then switched lanes to support one of our HealthPathways regional teams in January 2016. She has been fascinated with words for as long as she can remember, believing them to be the only true form of magic in the universe (as long as they've been proofread well). In the weekends, you can find her with a cup of tea, a really good sci fi book, and a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

Sarah has a BA (Hons) from Victoria University, which she filled almost exclusively with the delights of language.

DDI: +64 3 595 0135 Email:


Maggie Duncan

Content Developer / Writer

Maggie has a Master of Arts with First Class Honours in English Literature and Psycholinguistics, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics.

She has 20 years experience teaching English Language travelling and working in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Since her return to New Zealand, she's been working as a Vodafone Technical Support Agent and had been planning to enrol in the GDID before its hiatus.

Having evaded domesticity for several decades while roaming the planet, Maggie was adopted by a little black cat and has finally had to settle down. Finally, from experience, Maggie has learned that life is far too short for bad coffee.

DDI: +64 3 595 5411 Email:


Louisa Eades

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Louisa started with Streamliners in August 2013 after a couple of decades writing for international publishing houses Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer. Louisa has specialist knowledge of occupational health and safety and employment law, but tries not to ruin parties by waxing lyrical about asbestos exposure and confined space safety, or asking what does good faith really mean?

She has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies from the UK, the NEBOSH Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, and Canterbury University's Certificate of Proficiency in Employment Law (NZ).

DDI: +64 3 974 1256 Email:


Martin Flanagan

Projects and Operations Coordination Manager

DDI: +64 3 595 5404  Email:



Wilhelmina Flick

Management Accountant

DDI: +64 3 974 9713 Email:



Morag Forrester

Content Developer / Writer

Morag joined the team in April 2016 after nearly seven years as a technical editor for Southern DHB. A postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism following an arts degree at the University of Glasgow, introduced Morag to an earlier career with BBC Radio Scotland. Time out to do a ‘bit of travelling’ opened up a whole new world, and after a few years immersed in both the print and radio media in Asia, Morag landed on New Zealand shores where she has worked in communications, heritage research, and the health sector.

Ext: 264



Graeme Fraser

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Graeme joined Streamliners in April 2016. A History graduate of Stirling University, his background combines marketing, quality assurance and SOP writing in NZ. Prior to emigrating in 1999, Graeme worked as a safari and trekking guide, Green Party politician, and tour operations manager.

DDI: +64 3 974 1233



Juanita Gibson

HealthPathways Implementation Consultant

Juanita has been involved with HealthPathways since its inception in 2008. She is now an independent consultant offering extra support and expertise in pathway development, implementation, maintenance, and review (over and above the standard package that Streamliners provides). She guides and supports members of the HealthPathways Community throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

DDI: +64 3 977 8633 Email:


Susan Grey

HealthPathways Regional Group Manager / Content Developer

Susan has a background in marketing, communications, and public relations. She joined Streamliners in January 2012 and enjoys producing easy to follow guidelines for health professionals.

Susan has a Graduate Diploma in Information Design and is passionate about content accessibility and usability.

DDI: +64 3 974 1731 Email:


Rob Grover

HealthPathways Regional Group Manager / Content Developer

Rob joined the Streamliners team in November 2014 after completing the Graduate Diploma of Information Design at CPIT. During his studies, he developed a particular interest in the principles of user-centred design. This led to an internship opportunity with the SCIRT Learning Legacy project where he conducted research to define the needs of the Learning Legacy users. Before studying the GDID, Rob's career involved a combination of performing, teaching, and composing music.

DDI: +64 3 928 2354 Email:


Barbara Harris

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Barbara Harris joined in September 2015. She has worked in the media industry for many years, mainly as a sub-editor for newspapers in New Zealand, Australia, and Britain.    

DDI: +64 3 928 2343 Email:


Kieran Holland

Clinical Lead - HealthPathways Platform

Kieran is responsible for the strategic direction of the HealthPathways platform.

Following medical training, Kieran developed an interest in improving population health through the improvement of health systems. Before taking up his current role, he worked for 6 years with the Canterbury Initiative team that collaborated with Streamliners to develop HealthPathways. Kieran’s roles with the Canterbury Initiative included the design and implementation of a range of health system improvements including clinical pathways, wait list prioritisation processes, and electronic referral and triage tools.

Kieran is excited by the potential of HealthPathways and the HealthPathways Community to improve quality, efficiency, and experience of care for whole populations, and the clinicians serving them. He feels fortunate to be collaborating with dedicated clinicians, managers, writers, and technologists who share a similar vision.

DDI: +64 3 595 0988 Email:


Amiria Horrell

Editorial Standards Writer

Amiria loves her job of making tricky information easy to use. She found technical communication after detouring through insurance and investment, then experimenting with instructional design.

She has a BA (Hons) in English, a Graduate Diploma in Information Design, and also qualifications in e-learning, philosophy, and political science. In November 2014, Amiria joined Streamliners to work on HealthPathways. She likes blue cheese, political theory, and puppies.

DDI: +64 3 928 1908 Email:


Anja Hüskens

HealthPathways Regional Group Manager / Content Developer

Anja works within the HealthPathways team and has an extensive background in translation, education, and health. She wants to make information accessible in a practical and enjoyable way.

In her spare time, Anja is trying to get a permaculture garden going, admittedly with varied success, but she is taking delight in the process.

DDI: +64 3 928 2371 Email:


Rachel Isdale

Base HealthPathways Lead Writer

Rachel originally joined Streamliners in June 2014 with a background in software documentation and project coordination. She loves writing for HealthPathways because it’s always interesting, and seldom makes for polite dinner conversation. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys partner dancing, reading thrillers, and being entertained by her chickens.

DDI: +64 3 595 2237 Email:


Nina Jones

Technical Support Specialist

Nina has a BA-Hons in English, and is naturally on the Tech Support team. She likes long books, long board games, and D&D (that's Dungeons and Dragons, to the uninitiated). She's also a sometimes-novelist, a sometimes-language-constructer, and is usually literally happy to help you out.

Ask her about any of the above topics if you're ready for a verbal essay.

DDI: +64 3 595 0134



Jordon Jones

Content Developer / Writer

Jordon has been a part of the HealthPathways team since early-ish 2016. Before joining the company, she was a full-time student, and earned a First Class Honours degree in English Lit and a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing.

Jordon's other interests mostly centre around community theatre – in particular Canterbury Repertory Theatre – and her cats, Jarvis and Sophie.

Don't let her talk about Shakespeare.

Ext: 262



Sarah Jones

 HealthPathways Lead Writer

Sarah recently completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English at the University of Canterbury, and has jumped straight into work as a part of the Streamliners team. Her last semester at Uni involved an internship with The Commuting Book, where she worked to tell the story of their non-profit organisation, from its initial conception to its realisation.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys reading, writing, caffeinating, and watching anime. She’s also related to two other Streamliners employees, who are planning on taking over the company one Jones at a time. 

DDI:+64 3 595 5721



Brigid Kelly

Content Developer / Writer

Brigid has always loved working with words. She spent 7 years with Fairfax Media, working as a subeditor with a specialist focus on business copy. Before that, she wrote advertorial copy for Academy Publishing (again for 7 years). Brigid has also written news, features and reviews, short stories and poetry, and worked as a medical secretary. 

Brigid has an MA (Distinction) in Cultural Studies from the University of Canterbury on practices, history and attitudes in the belly dance community in New Zealand. She's also tutored in oriental dance and Egyptian folklore. She’s passionate about the rebirth of creative Christchurch, and is a big fan of good coffee, craft beer, and battling cultural stereotypes.

Ext: 287 Email:


Darrell Kilian

Business Analyst and Product Specialist

Darrell joined Streamliners as a technical writer in 2005. He enjoys variety and innovation, and likes to keep learning. As Streamliners has grown, his role has evolved from techical writer to software developer and technical 'know-it-all', to technical team leader. Darrell now works primarily as a business analyst involved with our in-house software development. He is also interested in business intelligence and likes to help out wherever his many years of experience at Streamliners can be of use. He loves working at Streamliners as the work has a good purpose, the people are fantastic, lateral thinking is welcomed, and day to day activities are varied and interesting.

DDI: +64 3 977 8632 Email:


Sathya Kumaralingam

Software Test Engineer

As a test engineer for over 12 years, Sathya moved to NZ after all the fast paced IT experiences in US, Canada and India. Her greatest passion has always been delivering an awesome final product. She is known to gel in and gracefully play multiple roles within the IT team whenever a need arises. She has experiences in Auto insurance, TV media, Life insurance, Retail and Health and many more.

When not at work she enjoys tramping with her family, practices Taekwondo to go up her black belt levels. She loves oil painting and is a henna artist in demand.

DDI: +64 3 595 5724 Email:


Meg Lancaster

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Meg is relishing the opportunity to work with medical experts and word nerds as a member of the HealthPathways team. Her previous endeavours include corporate health and wellbeing management, online account management, running her own health and wellbeing business, and most recently, preparing reports for the Canterbury District Health Board and Committees.

Meg has a Bachelor of Communications (PR/Corporate Communication), a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), and is a current student of the Graduate Diploma of Information Design (GDID). So far, she has fought the urge to sneak complementary medicine suggestions into the medical pathways.

DDI: +64 3 974 1239 Email:


Nicky Lyon

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Nicky is a Content Developer/Writer for the HealthPathways team. With a background in delivering wellbeing and injury prevention/ management services in the private and public sector in the UK and NZ, she's keen to see more Plain English in health documentation, particularly consumer information. Nicky has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and is currently a student of the Graduate Diploma of Information Design (GDID). 

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her young family tramping, running and skiing. Creatively, she likes to dabble in and has great enthusiasm (but lack of talent) for mixed media, especially print-making and upcycling furniture.

DDI: +64 3 974 1245 Email:


Lesley Maclean

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Before joining the Health Pathways team in January 2016, Lesley was working as a graphic designer, which she has done on and off since the 80s. She’s found this a useful skill for writing pathways, with their mix of words, structure, and visuals. Good design is the goal, whatever the medium. 

Lesley holds a Diploma of Visual Communication and may one day finish a BA in psychology, and the Graduate Diploma of Information Design. She has also studied fine art photography and Japanese tea ceremony (which she has also taught for 23 years). When she’s not working or studying, Lesley is probably cooking , discussing chemistry or politics with her partner and teenage son, or wandering the hills.

Ext: 252 Email:

Laszlo Mako

Technical Support Team Leader

DDI: +64 3 929 0939 Email:



Rob Marlow

Junior HealthPathways Content Developer

DDI: 323 Email:



Andrew Martin

HealthPathways Content Developer

Andrew joined Streamliners with a background in physics, instrumentation and algorithm design. This work included writing and documenting software for smart measurement devices, using supercomputers to simulate physical systems and writing journal articles.

Outside work, Andrew enjoys playing music and watching cricket.

DDI: +64 3 5955728 Email:


Heilene Martin

Web Technical Specialist

Before joining Streamliners, Heilene was self-employed for 7 years in digital marketing and worked extensively with client website content management systems whilst raising a small family. Heilene’s natural curiosity for how things work (especially in technology) led her to complete a Software Engineering course at Vision College.

Heilene focuses on providing tech support for our Author-it websites, and the maintenance and improvement of website HTML templates and stylesheets.

DDI: +64 3 595 2236 Email:


Sarah McLeod

Junior HealthPathways Content Developer

Prior to joining the Streamliners team in April 2018 Sarah spent 2 years in London enjoying the history and going to as many West End musicals and plays as she could (34 in total).

Before her time in London Sarah worked in HR administration, and communications for construction projects in Christchurch. In her spare time, Sarah loves reading, watching films, and spending time with family – mostly around the dinner table with good food and wine.

DDI: +64 3 5951288 Email:


Victor Meyer

Content Developer / Writer

Victor has had a varied vocational life. Included in the mix were stints at MIMED Medical Aid Fund, BMW South Africa, and the Nielsen Company (NZ). He has also been editor for North Shore Forest & Bird. He holds a PhD in Entomology from the University of Pretoria and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching from the University of Auckland.

He lives with his wife Debbie and daughter Nadine in Canterbury, New Zealand. When Victor gets his act together, the plan is to explore more of the South Island’s splendour.

DDI: +64 3 974 1751 Email:


Anna Millow

Junior Content Developer / Writer

Anna joined Streamliners in October 2017. She has a BA in Psychology and Honours in English Literature from the University of Canterbury, and has also lived and studied in Wellington. In her spare time Anna enjoys reading and going for walks. She loves animals of all kinds, particularly her feline master Lucy, of whom she will be happy to show pictures to anyone who asks. She is currently trying to learn to sew. It's a long process.



Hayley Mowat

HealthPathways Lead Writer

Hayley has been writing for HealthPathways since returning to Christchurch in 2016, having lived in Australia for several years.

She has always loved writing and learning, as evidenced by 10 years at university and burdensome student loan. Completed degrees include a BA in Media and Communications, BCom in Management, and a BA (Hons) in Sociology. Incomplete endeavours include first year Law and half a PhD in Public Health/Sociology that is happily on the back-burner now she has become re-accustomed to salaried life.

Hayley’s other passions include cryptic crosswords, progressive politics, gin, yoga and pilates, family time, and all things four-legged and fluffy.

DDI: +64 3 929 0938



Maree Munro

Content Developer / Writer

Maree joined the HealthPathways team in June 2016 with a background in education and testing.

Maree has experimented with documentation for a variety of audiences, from creating lecturing notes for students, user guides for techies and process documentation for businesses. Maree has a BICT with a major in multimedia from CPIT, as well as a GDID. She also has a Diploma in Adult Teaching from Napier Upskills.

Her interests are sci-fantasy reading, sewing, sketching trees, and trying to tame her dog, cats, and kids.

Ext: 273



Gary Ng

Manager, Customer Implementation and Account Support

DDI: +64 3 929 0938 Email:



Claire Nicholson

Subscription Products Manager / User Experience and Design Manager

Claire brings to the team a strong background in R&D and user experience for consumer products. She has a particular interest in knowledge capture and reuse, as well as identifying and leveraging intellectual property to add value to businesses. Claire leads our subscription products area that includes GPDocs ( and SchoolDocs (

DDI: +64 3 281 7581 Email:


David Palmer

HealthPathways Content Developer

My employment history is a progression of spasmodic lurches from one career path to another, due to many redundancies in times of economic downturn and an adventurous disposition. Having always wanted to be a writer, along the way I developed the necessary skill by the old fashioned method of simply writing - a lot - and harassing editors with unsolicited manuscripts and learning to cope with rejection, until one muttered a begrudging "Maybe" and I became a freelance writer.

After a decade of journalism and three books published I realised the most valued writers are technical writers, so I became one. After another redundancy I decided to try something new and join a company in growth mode, thus Streamliners.

My interests are learning (it doesn't matter what, I can't help myself), history, spirituality, ideas, words, numbers, music, and writing stuff.



Stewart Pegg

HealthInfo Team Lead

Stewart has an ME in Electrical Engineering and more than twenty years' experience in engineering, marketing, project management and product management. Since becoming a technical communicator, he has written user documentation, procedures, test reports and equipment manuals in the electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, software, mining and health sectors.

He joined Streamliners in 2012 and is currently responsible for HealthInfo, the health information website containing information written by local health professionals for the people of Canterbury.

DDI: +64 3 963 9447 Email:


Mary Quinn

HealthPathways Regional Group Manager / Content Developer

Mary started at Streamliners in April 2014 after a varied background in technical writing, café managing, translation co-ordination, freelance trumpeting, content co-ordination, stable handing and web publishing (among others). She has spent about 10 years living and working overseas in the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales; she no longer drinks tea, having over-dosed on it in Ireland. 

Mary has a BMus (Hons) in performance trumpet and a BA in Latin from VUW, and a plan for world domination through ingeniously written English.

DDI: +64 3 281 8248 Email:


Julie Reason

Content Developer / Writer

Julie joined Streamliners in June 2016 and resumes a career that has included freelancing as a copywriter, copy editor and proofreader in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. She has a Modern Languages degree from Oxford University and a Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading & Publishing. 

Having lived on the flatlands of mid-Canterbury for several years, Julie has developed an intense craving for the vertical dimension and climbs hills whenever possible.

Ext: 276 Email:


Adrian Reid

HealthPathways Content Developer

DDI: +64 3 595 1304



Jo Richardson

Customer Success Manager

DDI: +64 3 595 5725



Esther Schwartfeger

Accounts Administrator

Esther joined Streamliners in October 2016 after working in administration all her life for companies including Software Studio/Wincounter, Acclipse and Ensigne.

She loves working in a tidy, efficient office and being part of a bigger team of awesome people.

Esther’s first job was doing office work at Placemakers, so she also knows what sizes sheets of gib board and plywood come in, what trusses are and the difference between jolt head and flat head nails, galvanised and steel.

DDI: +64 3 928 1941 Email:


Adrienne Sidal

Capability and Communication Manager

Adrienne is a designer and editor with 20 years' experience developing print and online publications. Adrienne joined the HealthPathways team in April 2013 after ten years in the higher education sector in Fiji and New Zealand.

Adrienne holds a BA in Media Studies and Communications and a Graduate Diploma in Information Design.

DDI: +64 3 974 1293 Email:


Matt Sinclair

Service Delivery Manager

Matt joined Streamliners in May 2015 as a project manager working with the HealthPathways team.

His background is in customer experience, project management, and client relationship management (CRM) systems and he has worked in corporate and higher education environments for the last 15 years.

Matt has a strong interest in user-centered design and journey mapping techniques, and he is studying towards the Graduate Diploma in Information Design at CPIT.

DDI: +64 3 974 9174 Email:


Jenna Stace

Jenna StaceHealthPathways Regional Group Manager / Content Developer

Jenna joined the HealthPathways team in September 2013. She comes from a background in human resources and recruitment, and holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Canterbury, and a Graduate Diploma in Information Design from CPIT.

Her likes include good coffee, bad coffee, average coffee, sci-fi movies, bad action flicks, old books, new books, writing about coffee, movies, and books.

DDI: +64 3 974 9175 Email:


Cindy Staudt

User Interface Designer

Cindy joined the SchoolDocs/subscription products team in July 2015. Before that, she worked for eight years in the Graduate Diploma of Information Design programme at CPIT, the last four years as the Programme Leader. Most of that time was spent trying to convince students that it’s okay to write in plain language, to stop double-spacing after full stops, and to embrace the Oxford comma. She’s also worked as a freelance book editor and document designer, as a technical editor for a small journal only academics read, and as a writer/editor for the US Department of Commerce.

Cindy has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English literature, and a Master of Technical and Professional Communication degree. She’s happy to discuss TS Eliot, why –ize spellings are okay, and how awesome InDesign is.

DDI: +64 3 595 0132 Email:


Kieran Stone

Content Developer / Lead Writer (Parental Leave)

Kieran has always loved words, and playing with words, and learning about words. She is excited to get her teeth stuck in to some technical writing and help HealthPathways take over the world.

DDI: +64 3 595 1425 Email:


Jaco Swart

Lead Writer / Content Developer

Being a technical writer was a childhood ambition for Jaco. His career includes stints in electronic design, user experience design and digital marketing, but it is writing and Information Design that fascinates him most.

In his free time, Jaco helps kids to build robots and write computer programs. He also runs a Maker Club and cooks curious dishes for his family. His heroes include, among many others, Tesla, Turing, and Tufte.

DDI: +64 3 963 9445 Email:


Melissa Taylor

HealthPathways Writing Team Manager

Melissa has been a senior member of the HealthPathways team since early 2011. Her background includes management and administration roles in primary and community care, and extensive experience in producing marketing materials, work process protocols, and content for the web.

Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Canterbury University and has been a student of the Graduate Diploma in Information Design.

DDI: +64 3 977 8636 Email:


Kieron Telford

Information Services Manager

Kieron grew up in Edinburgh and has a BEng (hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Strathclyde. After graduating from University he worked for BTCellnet, a mobile phone network provider in the UK, initially in the team that designed the network before moving into a range of activities such as vendor management, provisioning and network optimisation.

In the early 2000s, Kieron moved to New Zealand to do a start-up producing software for management of mobile phone networks with some Kiwis he met in London. Kieron has worked for a number of different companies since then and on a number of different projects including: crop growth forecasting, hardware and software for tracking healing of wounds in patients, scientific modelling of rivers and beaches, payroll and accounting software, txt marketing, and a system to transmit signals automatically from buildings to the New Zealand Fire Service amongst many others.

DDI: +64 3 974 9172



Deborah Thomason

Content Developer / Writer

DDI: +64 3 595 5723



Katerina Tiscenko

Senior Communications Advisor Capability and Communications

Katerina has many years’ experience in communications and marketing, gained in several different sectors. Some of her diverse previous roles have included working at Parliament, selling and marketing telecommunications services, promoting New Zealand offshore, running a rural broadband company, running her own business and most recently, working in the charitable social services sector.

Katerina enjoys connecting through words, and connecting with interesting people. In her spare time she likes spending time in nature, particularly in the company of like minded animals, and humans as long as they can walk at a decent pace for at least an hour without complaining. Katerina has two daughters and four fur babies. She is learning how to be a vegan and enjoys mucking around in the kitchen, especially when this goes along with either good conversation or an interesting podcast. She also enjoys DIY projects, again even better when accompanied by either a good chat or a thought provoking podcast.

Katerina has a Bachelor’s Degree from Otago University and one day would like to study more French, German, Russian, linguistics and history, once all the DIY and craft projects on the rather long list have been completed. In her current role in the Capability and Communications team, Katerina enjoys working across several platforms to spread the word about HealthPathways and other amazing work done by wonderful and clever Streamliners people.

DDI: +64 3 595 0985

Ext: 251



Gillian Trewinnard

Content Developer / Writer

Gillian joined Streamliners in April 2016 after a long stint as stay-at-home parent, freelance writer and editor, and Pilates and Tai Chi instructor. Before this, she taught English literature and linguistics in NZ and in Western Samoa and was part of a university team researching the origins of New Zealand English.

Gillian has a Masters degree in English and is studying for a Graduate Diploma of Information Design.

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Liz Van Halewyn

HealthPathways Content Developer

At age seven Liz won the school spelling trophy, even beating the 12-year-olds. The success of such a prestigious award obviously went right to her head and she vowed and declared that one day she would write for a living. She took a while to get there however, spending many years teaching in the Early Childhood sector first.

Liz is excited to be a part of the HealthPathways team because she gets to combine her love of writing with her interest in health and human biology. 

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Rebecca Wallace

HealthPathways Regional Group Manager / Content Developer

Rebecca joined the Streamliners HealthPathways team in November 2015 after a nine year stint in various roles within the insurance industry, including training, instructional design and technical writing.

She has a degree in history from the University of Otago which she dusts off when the opportunity arises, and one day she hopes to write a novel. 

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Sky Williams

Content Developer / Writer

Sky has worked in a wide variety of roles as software developer, Q A tester, technical writer, and project manager. Originally, as a software developer, Sky found he very much enjoyed writing manuals and help for applications and has contracted for several years as a technical writer. He worked with multinationals including IBM UK, Sun Alliance Insurance UK, Philips (Netherlands), IAG Insurance, and several New Zealand companies including Spicers Financial Services, Guardian Royal Exchange, Jade Software, ASB Bank, and AsureQuality. When not writing, he enjoys reading fiction, watching movies, walking the dog, and almost always has some DIY project on the go.

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Graeme Wilson

Business Analyst

Graeme joined the HealthPathways team in January 2013. He has previously worked in the IT and knowledge management fields.

Graeme enjoys the challenges of working within a busy technical writing environment, and finds developing content for health professionals to be rewarding.


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