Our purpose

At Streamliners, we improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world
by enabling

  • Community – collaborating globally for local impact
  • Conversations – agreeing about what will work around here
  • Clarity – offering clear guidance at the point of care

What We Do About Us

What We Do

We choose to work in high trust relationships with health, social care, and education organisations in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom to deliver: 

HealthPathways is online guidance used by tens of thousands of front-line clinicians daily to make better informed decisions with their patients, based on locally agreed pathways of care for 600 clinical conditions. The pathways are informed by evidence, shared and improved by a collaborative community of nearly fifty health systems caring for over 30 million people.

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Stronger Schools delivers health and wellbeing guidance of immediate value to front-line educators and staff who coordinate pastoral care and learning support to children in years 1-8. The guidance helps professionals make better-informed decisions within their local context, improves equity of outcome, and reduces unnecessary variation in practice and duplication of effort. 

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GPDocs is an online system which delivers policies and procedures to General Practices that are tailored for the practice, easy to find and use, and kept up-to-date centrally. GPDocs complies with standards and frees valuable practice staff to spend more time caring for patients.

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About us

Streamliners was started in the year 2000 by Emma Harding and Ian Anderson with the specific aim of giving front-line staff in a wide range of industries the information they need and trust to get on with their jobs quickly, safely, and confidently.

Our platform and services

Over the decades Streamliners’ focus has narrowed to the health, social care and education sectors.  We’ve developed a platform of core content, standards, processes, methods, and software that enable us to deliver services and value to our customers at scale, while supporting necessary local variation. We enable our customers to collaborate through networks such as the well-established HealthPathways Community.

Our people

Streamliners employs over 100 staff and contractors to develop and deliver its services. The majority are based in Christchurch New Zealand, with others in Australia and the United Kingdom. We are proud of our special partnerships with the NHS North England Commissioning Support Unit and the internationally recognised Canterbury integrated health and social care system.

Our culture

  • We are respectful of the expertise, passions, needs, and priorities of the people (colleagues and customers) we work with.
  • We are confident in our expertise and the high standards we apply to our products and services.
  • We influence and meet expectations of customers through effective communication, partnership, and delivering value-for-money services.
  • We foster performance development of our staff by supporting their:
    • Purpose (knowing your work makes the world a better place)
    • Mastery (working with confidence and skill)
    • Autonomy (influencing your own direction of travel)